About Us

Sulphur Experts is an independent process engineering company comprised of fifty dedicated staff including engineers, scientists, technologists and support personnel. We are best known for providing services to the gas processing and refining industries under the following Divisions:
  • Sulphur Experts
  • Amine Experts
  • Filtration Experts
  • Energy Experts
  • Dehydration Experts
What sets Sulphur Experts apart from our competition is our size and technical strength. We have the ability to field up to ten test crews simultaneously with all the equipment and engineering support required to meet the specialised on-site testing and evaluation needs of our clients. And with offices in Canada, the Netherlands and the United States, we can generally mobilise efficiently, to meet the most demanding situations and schedules in a timely manner. 

Sulphur Experts has been providing solutions to sulphur plant problems for more than 30 years under the internationally-recognized name – Western Research. The company comprises the same engineers and technologists, products and services that were pioneered by the process engineering group of BOVAR Western Research. Sulphur Experts continues the tradition of providing quality process engineering consulting and sulphur plant optimization services to industry.

We also developed the world’s most sophisticated sulphur plant simulation software (Sulsim®) and provide operations training both through our international technical training courses and customized on-site training programs.

Amine Experts was incorporated as a Division of Sulphur Experts in 1998 to meet client needs upstream of the sulphur plant. It was a logical step that was driven by customer need and took full advantage of our plant testing and analytical expertise, and our applied process and operations knowledge. 

Filtration Experts is the newest member of the Sulphur Experts team, added in 2009. The significant benefits that effective separation and filtration technology brings to oil and gas processing should go without mention. However, it is an area that is often overlooked. Sulphur Experts recognized this opportunity and now provides expert design and troubleshooting services to industry through Filtration Experts.


Energy Experts focuses on improving energy efficiency in all types of oil and gas facilities with two objectives in mind – conserve our valuable non-renewable energy resources and reduce the environmental footprint associated with their production. Our Energy Experts team can help reduce fuel gas and energy consumption while reducing the Greenhouse Gas emissions that challenge the industry.


Dehydration Experts was added as a division in 2015 and provides comprehensive dehydration and refrigeration operations support, including a complete package of analytical and engineering capabilities.  Dehydration Experts also provides training support and conducts technical training courses and on-site training.  

Sulphur Experts, together with all its divisions, have a common objective in mind – to help the industry operate in the most cost-effective and environmentally sound manner possible.


A copy of our Technical Services Brochure is available by selecting the following link: Technical Services Brochure


Sulphur Experts was incorporated in 1997, but its history dates back to the origins of Western Research in the 1960’s. The following Timeline provides a summary of some of the milestones and accomplishments in our colourful history.