Amine Systems Filtration and Separation Course

Filtration Experts offers specialized training that is unique to understanding and operating filtration and separation technologies with a particular emphasis on Amine Systems. This training is provided in conjunction with the Sulphur Experts and Amine Experts technical training courses offered annually at selected locations in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Training is also conducted in other locations providing in-house plant-based assistance. These sessions cover many aspects of filtration and separation, providing a comprehensive background to anyone involved in the industry. 

The objectives of the Filtration Experts' training are to:
  • Review the science behind separation and filtration and its application in amine systems associated with gas processing and refining;
  • Discuss the many technology applications currently in use;
  • understand the basics required for optimizing performance; and
  • Equip participants to troubleshoot and address performance problems.
The course includes specific themes related to solids filtration and liquids coalescence. A number of real case-study scenarios are presented, exposing participants to a series of real-life problems. Each case is discussed in detail and solutions are provided. The course not only presents theoretical principles of separation but also delves into field and operational aspects of system design and operation. 

The Filtration and Separation Course provides a forum for attendees to discuss design and operating problems with expert panel members and other participants. Participants are encouraged to bring their challenges to the course to find solutions to their specific issues.


Who Should Attend?

The course will be of value to anyone interested in obtaining information on the current status of filtration and separation technology and operating practice. The training will be of particular value to all disciplines involved in amine plant design, and operation including managers, engineers, process foremen, plant engineers, plant supervisors, research engineers and scientists, project engineers, technical managers, pollution control engineers and scientists.



The morning and afternoon sessions consist of organized presentations covering the information included in the course materials and technical papers. Time is provided for an effective questions and answer session on each topic.


Onsite Technical Training

Filtration Experts also provide on-site courses tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. These training programs bring the course to your site and are customized to address operational and maintenance issues associated with your specific system. In addition, time is scheduled to review a few plant-specific case studies and discuss potential solutions.

Filtration Experts has a number of training programs that focus on specific areas including engineering, operations and maintenance, and management. Each course will cover the basic concepts of separation and filtration however, the specific focus and case review will be tailored to meet your objectives and the needs of your audience.

Course Registration

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