On-Site Sampling and Analysis


Dehydration Experts personnel are highly trained in the area of gas sampling and analysis. This service provides the basis for detailed engineering studies used for process evaluation and optimization. Analytical services include:


  • on-site gas and liquid sampling
  • on-site gas analysis to determine all of the process stream components
  • on-site live measurement of water content in gas streams
  • customized data collection

Dehydration Experts provides comprehensive and impartial high-level dehydration and refrigeration operations support, including a complete package of analytical and engineering capabilities. This includes on-site plant evaluations based on actual field data and stream analysis. This information provides the basis for material balance calculations, and computer simulations that can provide optimized operating parameters that can be updated directly in the field.


Dehydration Experts has the capability to analyze any type of gas or NGL (Natural Gas Liquid) stream with all components quantified down to the parts-per-million (ppm) levels. All samples are analyzed onsite, as soon as possible after being taken.


A typical dehydration plant testing involves analyzing the gas streams in and out of each absorber, as well as any flash gas if included. The results of this sampling will identify the quantity of hydrocarbons absorbed into the circulating glycol solution, helping identify potential sources of fouling, corrosion, or foaming. Gas analysis can also determine the actual amount of BTEX absorbed by the glycol.


A typical refrigeration plant testing involves analyzing the inlet and outlet gas streams from the plant, produced NGL streams, as well as any flash gas if included.  The results of this sampling identify the resulting dew point of the product gas, quality of the NGL (independent check for specification requirements), as well as identify the amount of hydrocarbon entrained in the circulating glycol.

Dehydration Experts will provide a complete gas or NGL composition breakdown including:

  •  Hydrocarbons up to C10
  •  All sulphur species (H2S, COS, CS2, SO2, mercaptans)
  •  BTEX
  •  Miscellaneous (H2, N2, CO2, CO, etc.) 

In addition to the detailed gas analysis, Dehydration Experts can take a direct online measurement of the water dewpoint in a gas stream.