Amine Treating Course

The Amine Treating Course is designed to complement the in-depth training available at the Sulphur Experts - Sulphur Recovery Course, which is offered annually in Canada, USA and Europe. Aimed at satisfying requests from past attendees and from industry for high-quality technical training in Amine Treating and Sour Water Stripping, the Amine Treating Course will be invaluable to engineers and operators alike.


The course includes five full days of quality training covering all the important topics in the sweetening of gas and liquid streams from refinery and natural gas feed stocks.

Course Focus

This program is directed at engineers and plant operators who are interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of all aspects of amine treating; fundamentals to design, troubleshooting and optimization skills, amine analysis, and operation optimization. The course is extremely practical and meant to provide recommendations and ideas which can be implemented immediately upon returning to work. Design engineers will gain an insight into the parameters that are important for amine plant operation, which will reduce the number of design oversights. Presentations, discussions and interaction with colleagues from other companies and systems will help develop a new appreciation for Amine Treating.

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