Engineering Evaluations

Amine Experts conducts a range of specialized engineering evaluation services tailored to meet the needs of amine system operators. Our Engineering Services include:

Equipment Reviews

Amine Experts can evaluate any piece of equipment within the amine plant to determine if the performance is optimal or sub par. We will determine if the equipment is being operated properly and within the intended design specifications. Equipment needing cleaning, repair or replacement will be identified.

Capacity Evaluations

Over time, the inlet gas and LPG flows and composition to the amine plant may change. Amine Experts will evaluate the capacity of the plant to handle these changes and what operational adjustments or equipment replacements would be needed. Especially in the event amine circulation rate changes are recommended, complete evaluation of the system is necessary, including:
  • Absorber and regenerator hydraulic review (flooding, weeping, gas velocity)
  • Shell and tube exchanger Reynold’s number
  • Heat exchanger duties
  • Filtration capacity
  • Pipeline velocity
  • Solution distributers

Solvent Alternatives

Significant cost reductions and performance improvements may be realized by switching amine types. Each amine has advantages and disadvantages; Amine Experts utilizes our wealth of worldwide experience, knowledge of amine types, and amine simulation tools to determine the best amine for each specific system.

Amine Experts’ work experience allows us to provide impartial engineering support for operators of the following processes:

  • Generic Amines: MEA, DEA, MDEA, DGA, DIPA 
  • Chemical / Physical Solvents: Sulfinol, Competitive Formulations 
  • Mixed Amines: MEA/MDEA, DEA/MDEA 
  • Formulated Amines: Gas/Spec, Jefftreat, Ucarsol, activated MDEA

Amine Experts’ experience in amine treating includes conventional acid gas removal (both gas and liquid treating), tail gas treating applications, and carbon capture facilities.